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Freestate gummies are the amazing way to get instant energy. Perfectly dosed to give energy in a low-sugar, fast-acting format.

  • 60mg of caffeine
  • Natural flavours
  • 80% less sugar*
  • No bloat
  • 4 x Vitamin Bs
  • Vegan friendly

Well dosed energy, in 2 easy to take gummies, that slip in your pocket. No more bloat, liquids or big cans, gels or bars to carry around.

What is freestate

A magic gummy, uniquely formulated for a blast of energy.

Freestate gummies are the amazing way to get instant energy. Perfectly dosed to give energy in a low-sugar, fast-acting format.
- 60mg caffeine per pack
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whats in freestate

A format designed for freedom

An age old stimulant for brain and body. Freestate is fast acting and easy to consume energy.
B Vitamins
Each gummy contains a range of Vitamin Bs to supplement and enhance natural energy functions.
Low Sugar
We use sugar and sweetener to give our gummies an easy, pleasant taste. With 80% less sugar than a *comparable energy drink.
Natural Flavours
Our gummies are sugar coated and feature natural flavourings, giving an easy and pleasant taste.

**Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

If you've got more questions, please head over to our FAQ page.


See what our customers have to say

Based on 42 reviews
Freestate Gummies
Katy Coupland
Game changer

These little gummies are a total game changer. Trying to steer clear of irritants in coffee and energy drinks, these give that little pep when needed without any other side effects!
Plus they taste great!
Also the customer service is brilliant
Very helpful staff!
Thanks muchly

Pocket Rockets.

These little beauties are incredible. I’ve been taking them on not only my speed sessions running but also my long runs. They really help give me that energy boost I need for the hard intervals and keep me running for hours on the slow long runs.
The individual 2 gummies packets fit perfect in my running shorts, which any runner can tell you is perfect as we don’t get much space to store things!
Would highly recommend for those who want to keep going harder for longer!


I love these gummies! They are ideal for long runs as I can carry them in my pocket! They are also amazing for morning gym sessions! They give an amazing kick quickly! An essential part of my day now!

Great little lift !

These are delicious little bursts of energy, fantastic for on the go if you don’t have time to get that caffeine hit from coffee, would absolutely recommend them !

Great taste and just the right amount of boost

These taste great, low sugar, easy to open and eat on the go and they give just the right amount if caffeine that gives you a boost without irritating the stomach. Really enjoy them

Perfect for convenience and delicious!

They taste so flavoursome and give you a great boost of energy. They are so handy, the little pouches and even the tub, to fit into your gym bag or jacket pocket ready to take out with you! Highly recommend.

Freestate Gummies
Phillip Evans
Amazing gummies

Being a regular runner I’ve tried different energy gels/sweets but the freestate gummies are in a different league! Absolutely love these especially on my long runs and races! Giving me that extra edge to finish strong 💪


Pe-orderd the jar's of gummy's , can't wait till they come ‐ hopefully 3rd August

Perfect if you want a quick easy boost, convenient to carry and taste good

Freestate Gummies
Sophia Heath Heath

They kept me energised throughout my work out and worked even better than my usual energy drink. They helped give me the energy to maintain my motivation and push myself to my limits

Great taste, great boost

I've been looking for an energy drink replacement for some time and these gummies are hitting the spot perfectly. I can space them out nicely through out the day and have no adverse effects from the caffiene.

Free state Review

The Freestate Gummies Were Really Nice,Full Of Goodness. Slightly Sugary But Altogether A Great Product.


I was fed up spending a fortune on cans of fizzy, sugar filled energy drinks when this wee message popped up and off I went. Two perfectly sized gummies and off I went to work and for the first time in years I was behind the decks without the can of energy drink and I didn't need it. Oh no those two gummies were firing the perfect amount of energy straight through my wee podgy body and shaking my rump in time to the beat.
I highly recommend freestate, it cuts out a lot of the rubbish you get in a can.

Freestate Gummies
Daniel lynch
Absolutely amazing

These taste great easy to carry around convient and tasty

Great taste

These are great for a quick fix to needing some energy. They taste great too

Just a small sweet but it's explosive keeps you going all day

Just a small sweet but explosive keeps you going all day

Freestate Gummies
Donna Barnes
Great Company!

Fantastic quality products at a fair price and quick delivery! I'm a huge gummie fan, they are delicious 😋


Great boost of energy when you need it the most. No horrible caffeine crash like you get with energy drinks, nice flavor and packaging.


Absolutely love how quick the energy hits.
There’s a slight bittery aftertaste, but that can’t be avoided with the caffeine content. But it doesn’t bother me at all so it doesn’t loose any stars for that. I found energy drinks affect have stopped working but these work straight away

Freestate Gummies
Energy gummies

Received a packet of freestate gummies found them very flavour-able and refreshing

Good instant hit.

To be honest, at first I was dubious that a "gummy" sweetie could work ,
But , upon trying them I was pleasantly surprised to notice that they do in fact work as well as a can of drink.
My only downside is, there's a little bit of an aftertaste and a quick comedown .
Overall I will definitely be buying some more.

Great taste and action.

These sweets are of a great texture which is important as I am Autistic so have issues around things like that. Another bonus is compared to energy drinks you don't get all the gas! Fab taste and customer service. Give them a try and you won't look back.

Freestate Gummies
Kiri-Ann Liddle

I didn't know what to expect when I received my gummies but was open to trying new things... Definitely worth it!! The texture threw me a little bit but that isn't to say its bad, just unexpected! Tastes fantastic, no artificial or chemically aftertaste that you get with other typical energy powders for example, and so easy to take as they don't look weird or out of place so easy to take when out and about doing your own things! I've found that they help control my adhd a little too without the jitters or shaking, meaning I'm able to get basic daily tasks done like showering and laundry because I have a safe amount of energy and focus - of course this transpires into my daily goings such as horse riding, going out with friends etc - freestate allows me to have the energy and social battery to do these things comfortably! Super little products and I'd love to see different flavour options and different caffeine strengths too!!


Brilliant for a little boost without having to have cans or bottles or anything like that!

Freestate Gummies
Steve Yates
perfect little bundles of boost

good tasting, and enough little boost to get you through